Exploring the Turia Garden: A Journey through Spain’s Largest Urban Park from Botánico Coworking

Exploring the Turia Garden: A Journey through Spain’s Largest Urban Park from Botánico Coworking

The Turia Garden stands as a luxurious treasure trove of greenery in the heart of Valencia. Covering almost 9 kilometers in its extension, this park emerges as an exuberant paradise that welcomes palm trees, cedars, jacarandas, roses, ponds, fountains and sculptures. Its offer also includes a diversity of areas and centers for entertainment, sports, art and shows, aimed at the enjoyment of all.

Emerging from the waters of the ancient riverbed that Plutarch called Turia, this mighty river witnessed the founding of the Roman Valentia, witnessed legends and rose as an inspiring muse for various artists over the centuries. The huge footprint he left behind was transformed into a fascinating garden, home to more than 12,000 trees and a breathtaking design.

Today we invite you to explore the Turia Garden, the largest urban park in Spain. Embark on a relaxing and fun route that will give you the opportunity to connect with nature.

Valencia’s Turia Garden: A river that evolved into a park

The Turia Garden is segmented transversally by bridges that link the city’s paths, giving life to 18 stretches full of nature. Some of these bridges cross the old riverbed and weave part of the history, while others stand next to the park, products of contemporary engineering.

This project, approved in 1984 under the vision of architect Ricardo Bofill, is in fact an artistic fruit elaborated by various landscape and urban planners over the years.

A live tribute to the majestic Turia River

The configuration of the park seeks to merge the natural topography of the riverbed with the urban essence of the garden. In each section, the vegetation accurately recreates the shapes and contours that once adorned the fluvial landscape of the ancient river.

The historical relationship between Valencia and the magnificent Turia River is undeniable. Its tumultuous waters have left indelible traces, leading to the need to divert its original course. However, these waters have also been immortalized in engravings, frescoes and photographs by various artists throughout history.

Not to mention the legends that surround the Turia River, such as the iconic story of the“Dragon of the Patriarch“.

Legend has it that a caiman inhabited the bed of the Turia River, transforming itself into a ferocious dragon, a malevolent beast of colossal proportions. No one in the shire dared to challenge him, until a young prisoner offered to face him in exchange for his freedom.

Permission was granted and the young man armed himself with mirror-covered armor. He waited patiently until the sun’s rays provided his opportunity. Standing in front of the dragon, he took advantage of the fact that the beast was blinded by the armor’s glare and delivered an accurate blow with a spear.

This stuffed beast is said to be the same alligator that currently hangs on one of the walls of the Patriarca Museum.

The Turia Garden is a vast setting for recreation and direct contact with nature, ideal for sports lovers as well as for family plans, disconnection, fresh air and moments of relaxation. Highlights include the following:

Abundant and beautiful orchards

Entering the Turia Garden, you will discover a rich vegetation, beautiful rose bushes of various shades, vertical gardens that are flooded with vibrant colors such as fuchsia, purple and violet. Shrubs of ever-blooming grevilleas, false acacias with their white clusters and emblematic stone pines.

Any corner, bench, tree or grassy area is perfect for resting, reading or simply marveling at the scenery.

Fun for sports lovers in the Turia Garden

The Jardín del Turia facilities also feature sports facilities, such as soccer and indoor soccer fields, basketball courts, areas with ping-pong and chess tables, as well as skating and petanque courts. Also included are running tracks and several fitness areas with a wide range of equipment for those who prefer to exercise outdoors.

innovative and fun team meetings

The Parque de Cabecera, the beginning of the sections of the Turia Garden.

Section 1 includes the Parque de Cabecera, which covers almost 170,000 square meters. This park has viewpoints, artificial beaches and a pirate park especially fun for children. It features a beautiful artificial lake with fish, turtles, ducks, carp and a variety of fauna and flora. In addition, you can enjoy pedal boat rides (with an approximate cost of 14€ for 30 minutes).

The Bioparc

At the beginning of the sections of the Turia Garden is the Bioparc, one of the most outstanding zoos in the world. Designed under an innovative concept, it allows you to enter into an exciting journey and closely observe the life and interactions of the animals in an environment that evokes their natural habitat, providing each species with maximum welfare.

Tickets can be purchased online through the Bioparc website, with prices starting at €17.90.

Gulliver Park in Valencia’s Turia Garden

Located in section XII of the Turia Garden, Gulliver Park represents the moment when Gulliver arrives in Lilliput and is attacked by the tiny inhabitants. The main attraction is a gigantic Gulliver sculpture (70 meters), which children can explore through slides, stairs and ramps. It is built on a scale where visitors are at the same height as the Lilliputians (free admission).

Gulliver Park Jardin del Turia Valencia

Palau de la Música, among the outstanding facilities of the Turia Garden

The Palacio de la Música in Valencia is an artistic center of great renown. Its halls host musical performances, exhibitions and film screenings, all under an impressive glass vault that guarantees exceptional acoustics.

The program is diverse and includes piano, violin and cello concerts, performances by the Orchestra of Valencia, chamber orchestras, operas, among others. Tickets can be purchased directly through the website of the Palau de Valencia.

City of Arts and Sciences, at the end of the Turia Garden sections.

Another jewel in the Turia Garden is the impressive City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic architectural complex composed of six spectacularly designed buildings.

The Oceanografic immerses you in the marine world, while the Hemisféric invites you to learn about technology in an entertaining and unforgettable way. The Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and Umbracle, a spectacular landscaped promenade, are also part of this complex.

arts and sciences jardin del turia botanico coworking

Other wonders in the Turia Garden

Among the lush vegetation, you will find bike paths and children’s circuits for the little ones to practice with skates and scooters. Don’t forget to take a break for lunch or a drink in one of the bars or cafeterias in the Turia Garden.

Discover Botánico Coworking, a coworking space next to the Turia Garden.

In the vicinity of this natural paradise is Botánico Coworking, a collaborative workspace that stands as an ideal enclave for those who wish to combine productivity and connection with nature. Strategically located next to the Botanical Garden and in the vicinity of the historic Torres de Quart, Botánico Coworking is the perfect place for those seeking a balance between their work and the enjoyment of the green spaces that characterize Valencia.

Just a few steps from the Turia riverbed and with the imposing presence of the Quart Towers just 270 meters away, Botánico Coworking stands out as an unbeatable location. A short three-minute walk from our facilities will take you to the heart of downtown Valencia, where the city’s most iconic tourist attractions await. The Central Market, the Lonja de la Seda, the Plaza de la Virgen and the Church and Tower of Santa Catalina, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Estación del Norte and other points of interest come to life in the surrounding area.

Coworking interior

The benefits of Botánico Coworking extend beyond its proximity to the most emblematic corners of Valencia. If you love to stroll and immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere after work, our space provides the perfect combination of productivity and discovery. Not only will you find places to work in an inspiring environment, but you will also be in the ideal position to explore Valencia’s most popular shopping and entertainment venues, where Valencians gather and celebrate their festivities.

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