The best coworking in Valencia: Botánico Coworking

The best coworking in Valencia: Botánico Coworking

Are you looking for the best coworking in Valencia to work?

Botánico Coworking is a creative work space where you can carry out your professional activities individually or collectively in a unique environment, full of light, life and nature.

Next to the Botanical Garden, Botanico Coworking offices help you improve your organization with the best technological facilities, meeting rooms, large work desks, kitchen, terrace, and everything you need to be as productive as possible every day.

However, the facilities are not the only good thing about our coworking space. Do you want to know why Botánico Coworking is the best Coworking place in Valencia? Read on! We’ll tell you about it!

The best coworking place in Valencia

Botánico Coworking’s facilities are not the only thing that make it the best coworking place in Valencia.

Next to the Botanical Garden of Valencia and next to the gates of the historic center of the city, our offices are the best coworking place, with easy and quick access to all the emblematic places that our beloved city of Valencia has to offer.

Best coworking location: 3 places near Botánico Coworking

Whether because we need to make a quick purchase, or because we want to disconnect after work, Botánico Coworking is the best coworking place to work in Valencia because it is in the best location for easy and quick access to all kinds of leisure and free time spaces.

In this article we are going to talk about 3 possibilities in Valencia that you can take advantage of before or after a day of work at Botánico Coworking.

1: Exploring the Turia Garden from Botánico Coworking

Botánico Coworking is located just 2 minutes away from the quiet Turia riverbed, which stands as the green lung of Valencia. This space not only provides an atmosphere conducive to productive work, but also an immediate connection to nature, recreation and physical activity.

If you are a nature lover and enjoy walking and exercising outdoors, Botánico Coworking is, without a doubt, the best coworking place for you. Right next to the Turia River, you can immerse yourself in an experience that combines work efficiency with the vitality of nature.

What to see in the Turia Garden?

The Parque de Cabecera, a magnificent natural oasis where you can relax, is just one example of the natural spaces that await you within walking distance. As you move along the Turia riverbed, you will discover a plethora ofsports facilities catering to all tastes and activity levels. From the Palau de les Arts to the City of Arts and Sciences, this environment is brimming with a unique fusion of nature, culture and sporting opportunities.

This riverside environment makes our offices the perfect place to achieve a harmonious balance between your professional work and your leisure time. The proximity to the river not only allows you to enjoy its freshness and beauty during your breaks, but also invites you to integrate nature into your daily work routine.

At Botánico Coworking, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Turia Garden, an exceptionally extensive urban park. Our strategic location provides you with the opportunity to experience an unparalleled working environment while giving you direct access to a true natural and cultural wonder in the heart of Valencia. A space where productivity and well-being are in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

coworking next to the river of valencia, jardin del turia

2: New Center

We cannot mention the Turia River without mentioning that just by crossing it we can get from our offices to this shopping center in a moment.

In the heart of Valencia, the Nuevo Centro shopping center offers visitors a wide range of options in fashion, food, restaurants, music, sports, toys, household items, jewelry, gifts, accessories, travel, beauty, shoe stores, entertainment and all the essentials for your shopping. Explore their website to access all the information you need, including opening hours, directions, a complete list of stores and the latest news and events taking place at Nuevo Centro.

Botánico Coworking is the best coworking place if you like shopping or want to go out to eat with your friends after work.

3: Discover the Historical and Artistic Treasures of the Historic Center of Valencia

In the charming city of Valencia, we invite you to create an itinerary that will take you to explore its historical and artistic riches while enjoying the comfort of Botánico Coworking, located in an unbeatable position just 270 meters from the Quart Towers.The historic gateways to what we know today as the center of the city.

Take a short three-minute walk from Botánico Coworking to the heart of Valencia, where the most emblematic tourist treasures await your discovery. The Central Market and the Lonja de la Seda, architectural jewels that narrate the history of the city, will welcome you with their splendor. The Plaza de la Virgen, with its impressive central fountain and the majestic Palacio de la Generalidad Valenciana in the Plaza de Manises, await you on this cultural tour.

Immerse yourself in the energy of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, surrounded by buildings that fuse different architectural styles, and continue on to the Valencia Cathedral, a Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque marvel that deserves to be explored in detail. Dare to climb the Micalet Tower to enjoy panoramic views of the historic center.

From the old town, it leads to the Plaza de la Reina, a lively scene with a wide range of restaurants, bars, stores and cafes. Here you can stop at a terrace to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and taste the gastronomy of the region.

And the best is yet to come. Near the fascinating Turia Garden, the Serranos Towers, medieval vestiges of the protective wall, invite you to explore more of the city’s past.

Botánico Coworking offers you not only a productive space, but also a strategic starting point to explore the city. And with the arrival of the Fallas of Valencia, the Botánico Coworking location becomes the epicenter of the celebration. From attending the mascletá to admiring the ninots or visiting the fallas of your friends, all the emotions of this Valencian festivity are just a few steps away.

Immerse yourself in the history, art and culture of Valencia while enjoying the comfort and accessibility that Botánico Coworking offers.

Valencia's Fallas live next to the best coworking place in town


Botánico Coworking has an excellent location: next to the Turia River, the center of Valencia and large commercial and leisure spaces such as Nuevo Centro. Its easy access to important areas of Valencia and all the benefits that this entails, make our coworking space the best coworking space in the city, located in the best location to take advantage of the resources that Valencia has to offer.

Do you have to work in fallas but you don’t want to miss any event of our festivities? Try our our coworking space !

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